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Today at 07:34:34 AM by RWA
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Somewhere, there is a sprawling system of government storage facilities so secret that the American people can’t be told where they are, or what is kept in them.
But it is clear they are gearing up for something. These secret facilities are appar...
Today at 07:23:39 AM by RWA
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CAIR Director To Muslims: Defy Customs, Respond To Questions By Saying “none Of Your Damn Business!”

Could CAIR be any more despicable of an organization?
To be quite honest, I’m sick of getting lectured about “Islamophobia” by a organization that was founded by funds they received from Hamas. We have yet to do so he...
Today at 07:21:03 AM by RWA
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According to CNN's Jake Tapper, Donald Trump is currently living inside Barack Obama's head, constantly uppermost in his thoughts, no matter the situation. And in this case the situation was the press conference yesterday at the North American Leaders Conference in Ottawa, Canada. During CNN's The Lead, Wednesday, Tapper explained:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: So, let's ...
Today at 07:15:20 AM by RWA
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Guns used by the Paris terrorist attackers were bought from President Obama’s “Fast & Furious” gun deal. Some of the guns used in the attacks on Paris was from Phoenix, Arizona here in the United States. They were bought when President Obama allowed criminals and drug cartel members to purchase firearms in his “Fast & Furious”...
John j
Yesterday at 03:17:28 PM by John j
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What's with this shitstorm ?...

And then , well sure ol bill is ignorant of reality , and that lynch is the ONLY one to indict the fucking bitch ...

So , here's more .

And ... The libtards for the burn weigh in .  :rofl

Yesterday at 08:09:07 AM by RWA
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Obama women make stop on taxpayer-funded world vacation to give one country $27 million in USAID

27 MILLION ......
First lady Michelle Obama arrived in Liberia Monday accompanied by her mother and daughters Malia, 17, and Sasha, 15.
“I’m here to shine a big bright light on you,” she told her daughters,...
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